5 SEO Tricks Google Wants You to Know [Neglected by SEO Ninjas]

SEO tricks

Do you ever feel like sometimes you just might be using the wrong bait to rank no #1 in Google?

When I look at what a lot of so-called SEO Ninjas are teaching about SEO and mentioning tons of unnecessary SEO tricks, it just feels like we’re using the wrong bait.

I’m not a big deal but somehow I believe that these SEO Ninjas have neglected the basic and very important part of SEO that Google wants you to know.

So, what’s the right bait to get our websites to rank well on Google?

Well, I think the best way to answer that question is to go directly to the source. So in this article, I have put five clicks from Google engineer Matt Cutts explaining how to rank better on Google?

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the SEO trick #1

Keywords are dead

Yes, you heard it right!

So, the first thing Google wants us to know is that keywords are dead. Keywords as if there’s some magic phrase you have to have in your post in order to rank that ended a long time on Google. Instead, People have a simple query or topic that they type into Google and they’re going to get results.

If you type SEO tricks into Google and there’s a page about an SEO tutorial, Google knows that it’s essentially the same thing and so you can rank for both terms. Listen to what actual Google employee Matt Cutts says about this:

Don’t be at all surprised, semantically if we try to do more query understanding. So if you type in “Car battery died” and we might write that query a little bit and say “Automobile battery died”.

And then also document understanding so you can have the same sort of words used in a document and we can say, oh it’ okay if we can match automobile and car and maybe a specific model of car and so we’ll keep working on trying to figure out user intent, what users are asking not just the keywords that they’re using and also document understanding.

So, I’ve for a long time been saying you know “What keyword are you working for on this post?” and I’m working to change that because it kind of reinforces a myth about the way that Google works.

When I talk about keywords it leads me to do the wrong things and focusing on how we display those keywords on the page to make sure Google knows so that we could rank for it.

And the truth is as people are using their phones more and just asking a question. Google needs to find many similar searches that you can rank for.

So, when I mention keyword research, I focus more on LSI keywords. These are the keywords that give Google a clear understanding of what your post is all about. That’s why I sprinkle lots of LSI keywords all across my blog posts.

What I suggest my readers is to write super helpful content on a certain topic, do deep research and then publish your post. When you’ll follow only this SEO trick, I guarantee that you’ll not only be ranking for your target keywords but several other related queries.

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By saying this let’s move on to SEO trick #2

Do not build backlinks just for SEO purposes

Yes, Google has been crystal clear about this for a decade or more. Google does not want you to create backlinks just for SEO purposes. Matt Cutts further says:

Think not about link building that limits you to a certain mindset. Think about compelling content and marketing. First, make something compelling. Some reason why they really wanna use your website then think about the broader area of marketing.

Now, there are valid ways to promote your content. Create a Youtube Channel, reach out to actual media companies and get more people linking to your site but when you’re doing anything just to build backlinks so that hopefully you rank better on Google.

Well, essentially you’re trying to trick Google into thinking your content is more helpful than it is and they’ve been just clear that this is a violation of their Guidelines. Google clearly says:

Google Guidelines: “While links are used in ranking, using them to trick search engines into thinking that a site is relevant would violate our guidelines.”

There really is no such thing as white hat backlinking. There’s absolutely such a thing as white hat SEO but if you’re building a backlink for the express purpose of ranking better on Google you’ve already violated their guidelines.

So, if you’re building links for SEO,  let me warn you that one of the most powerful companies in the world is after you and what they’re trying to do with the most advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and thousands of employees is to find people who are violating their guidelines and drop them in the rankings so that they can simply put the most helpful content forward for the user.

I don’t say you can not build your business that way. It might work for a limited time but it’s just not a sustainable way to build your business.

That said let’s move on to SEO trick #03

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the SEO mechanism

This one may surprise a lot of you but you really don’t even need an SEO plugin if you’re using WordPress to build your website. WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues. Instead of doing it yourself, you selected WordPress.

Now listen to what MattCutt says in statement 03 in the video above:

“WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)“.

I think we all feel like SEO is this mysterious black box and we have to check the right boxes in order to magically appear on the search results and so we must need SEO plugin from Yoast that’s going to do these magic things on our website in order to to get us to rank.

What Google has already said that WordPress has inbuilt features that are doing 90% of the work for us. All Google needs is a simple hierarchy of how the website is laid out so that they can easily find the pages.

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They do need a title, they do need a description, they need a website to load fast and they need your content. That’s really it!

If you do that you’ve done probably 95% of SEO. Now, there is 5% of SEO that’s working through serious issues.

Do we know index or category pages on a massive e-commerce site with thousands of pages because it has duplicate content on that page or rel-canonical or multi-page article and how do we properly tag that correctly?

Now, this SEO minutia is valid and if you have a massive site with thousands of pages you’ve got to be paying attention to that kind of thing to get any little bumps as possible because when you apply that to a thousand pages it can really help.

But, for almost all of us just building simple websites. As an investment, if you just have stock WordPress and never even install an SEO plugin you’re just gonna be fine. That’s why Matt Cutts from Google said that he doesn’t even use SEO plugin on his very own website.

Now, can SEO plugins be useful?

Yes, but just realize that it’s about doing that special little tagging for that 5%. A huge part of it is already done for you.

Now it’s time for SEO trick #4

Keyword density as SEO tricks is dead!

You absolutely do not need to focus on keyword density on your post any more. In an interview when Matt Cutts was asked about the importance of keyword density he said:

“A lot of people think that there’s some one recipe and you can just follow that like you know baking cookies and if you follow it to the letter and you’ll rank number one. That’s just not the way it works.

So, if you think that you can just say- Ok,  I’m gonna have 14.5% keyword density or 7%or 77% and that will mean I’ll rank number one that’s really not the case. That’s not the way search engine rankings work.”

You absolutely do not need to focus on keyword density on your post any more. Years ago, a decade ago this was something very valid. Google was very early on its ability to figure out just what your page is about and making it show up for the right search result.

Now,  Google is smart enough and so I don’t have to say SEO, SEO a thousand times in my post in order to rank for search term SEO.

Let’s move on to our last SEO trick

Use super shot and simple URLs

The last one is simple and short URLs that I mention very strictly on my all SEO articles. This is important enough that Google has mentioned it in its starter guide.

seo tricks - use short urlIf you’ve never read Google’s starter guide to rank in Google you really should read it.

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This is Google’s actual document telling you exactly what you should do to rank well on Google.

It’s the most important SEO document ever written and it’s so straightforward, at the end I think you’ll have the impression that you know “If I just create good content and do a reasonable job on the other stuff I’m gonna be just fine and that’s what we’ve always sought”

So simple and short URLs rank better than comparatively longer URL. When you install WordPress by default it’s gonna be apogeesoft.in /?=jhfgjfgkdf1235478900011222,  something like that:)

But whatever,

This number and that’s natural URL. It doesn’t tell user much about what they are gonna get on that page and so when just a link is shared people won’t know what’s that about and in the search result it shows you that link.

So this is the place that you can reinforce to the user that they’re gonna get what they are looking for. So, I recommend that in your default WordPress setting you use the post name as default and then all often change that to be even shorter. Go to Setting>Permalink>Common Setting and change it to Post nameSetting custom permalink

What I do is, I write a post and it may contain a title like “22 Insanely Actionable SEO Hacks That Are Crushing It Right Now!” If I leave the post title name as my URLs it would look like apogeesoft.in/ 22-insanely-insanely-actionable-seo-hacks-that-are-crushing-it-right-now. It’s informative but still looks ugly.

So I replace the post title with target keywords. When I do that it looks something like this: SEO hacks

Now, this looks quite pretty than the former one. So, if somebody Googles “SEO hack” and they see that link in the search results it reinforces what that page is all about and tells them I have the information you’re looking for…Click on me!

Note: While I’m writing this post, I’m ranking on the second page of the Google for queries “SEO hack” and on the third page for “SEO hacks” that too in a very short interval of time approx one and half months.

So my SEO tricks are not here today and gone tomorrow strategies. It’s purely practical and actionable techniques.


Since SEO takes time so you don’t need to panic that you ain’t getting sufficient traffics or your keywords are not ranking well on Google etc. It’s a long-term process. Google test your articles with hit and trial method and if they found your content to be really helpful then they will give you a slight ranking boost.

So, just write super helpful content. Give them a reason to stay on your site. Write for the people not for the crawler because ultimately people are gonna read your content.

Keep patience and work hard!

It’s time for you to take into action what you learnt so far.

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