3 Most Powerful SEO Tips You’ll Ever Need To Rank In Google

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I spend years doing all the wrong things trying to improve the SEO on my websites and I found 3 powerful SEO tips for a blogger that actually works.

The stuff that everybody is telling you things like page load speeds, improving that by just a tenth of a second.

I did everything to rank my website on Google Search results right from uploading my sitemap to Google Search Console, monitoring my backlink profile and trying to get the keyword density in my articles way up.

And what I found is that none of those things really move the needle.

The SEO Minutiae That Won’t Move The Needle

1. Very minor page speed changes.
2. Focusing on keyword density.
3. Changing WordPress SEO plugins.
4. Obsessing over backlink profiles.
5. Creating endless backlinks.
6. Making detailed sitemaps.

I don’t say these techniques are useless in 2018. These are important but not to that level everybody tells you off.

I have written a detailed article explaining the above terms. Follow the link to check out my article On-Page SEO [2018]- 10 Actionable Techniques That Works.

seotipsforbloggerI don’t know about you but I hate going to the paint store standing there in front of that wall of colour trying to pick just the right shade.

It seems almost impossible because the shades are all so similar.

I can’t see the difference between tantalizing teal and sea swell and I don’t really think anybody else can either.

The fact is that search engine like Google when they look at your site and they look at another site they find both websites almost exactly the same.

Now, I’m not saying that improving your page load speed is a bad thing but doing that only moves you one shade closer to the red but the fact is you’re still not even close.

Rankings Are Won By Those Who Best Serve Their Users

The number one rule of SEO is that “Rankings are won by those who best serve their users” and this is why because Google wants to give their user the best result.

And, Google adopts different algorithm to provide the best user experience.

Now, here’s what I mean by that –

When somebody clicks on your posts and spend several minutes there because the content is so helpful and it was exactly what they are looking for.

Google sees that and they reward that with a really good ranking because they know that that’s the content people are actually looking for.

Have you ever noticed that it usually takes a month for a new article to rank?

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If all that mattered, uploading a sitemap and having a quick loading site. Google could test that out in 30 minutes and it wouldn’t take months for a new article to rank.

But here’s why it takes so long.

Google has to do user testing with your content. Google takes a chance on you when they see that you have certain keywords and that your content seems to cover certain bases.

They take a chance on certain searches and when people actually click on your article and they spend time on it and they don’t immediately bounce away.

Well, Google sees that and reward that and that’s how you slowly move up the rankings.

In fact here’s what a normal SEO growth curve looks like for traffic on any one of my new posts.

At first, I see scanty, virtually no traffic but over time, over the course of several months that traffic starts to pick up.

And it just skyrockets a little bit and then it plateaus off because at that point I have already ranked number one on Google.

I’m ranked as high as I’m ever going to and then I have that steady consistent traffic on that post.

Remember that it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s because there is not one little test or one little trick that you can do to get Google to rank you right away.

There are basically three things that I do to make my content super awesome and stand way out from the competition especially when they are super focused on all the minutiae.

3  SEO Tips That You Can Use To Make Your Content Stand Out.

  • Focus on Presentation.
  • Out-research the competition.
  • Give an added resource.

Focus On Presentation Of Your Content

Here is how you can do this:

  • Amaze your people with how helpful you can be in presenting your content.
  • Make it really easy for them to read.
  • Use sweet short blocks of text.
  • Use subheadings throughout but more importantly make it really helpful and easy for them to consume and implement this information for themselves.

Out-research The Competition

The second tip is to do a lot of research.

If you are willing to put in the time to do research there is no way that competition can keep up with you and you can eliminate all the competitor and outrank them.

Now, this tip is best to explain with an example.

Backlinko.com does a fantastic job of this.

While most people go out there and just write an article on SEO Tools review. They’ll say here’s my review of the best tools that work for me.

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In contrast to that,

Brian Dean (Founder of Backlinko) goes out and use or have used those SEO tools and he puts his experience over the years just testing those SEO tools.

So, when he writes an article saying this is the best SEO Tools in 2018 then there’s nobody that can compete with that content because nobody’s resource is as good and it’s thoroughly researched as his.

Now, let me give you another example from APOGEESOFT, how I used thorough research to boost my search engine optimization.

I recently wrote an article on Social Media Marketing Strategy: 9 Actionable Tips To Go Viral On Social Media. I put hours and hours of research to sort out those 9 techniques.

I read hundreds of article from the similar niche to find out if something is missing. I looked up everything that you can find online.

But in addition to that, I met the marketing experts of my region, interviewed the popular bloggers, talked to companies that do social media marketing.

And got all of their knowledge and information on why social media marketing matters and which aspects of social media marketing are important and how to implement them on your website efficiently.

After that, I put together a resource that teaches you all of these in a single article of around 4000 words.

I believe, nobody is going to put that sort of time and effort researching and creating a resource which is that helpful and that thorough on Social Media Marketing.

It wasn’t about the minutiae, it was all about creating super helpful and super useful information.

Give An Added Resource

Now, this is the last tips, that I have used over and over again to outrank much larger websites in very competitive search terms and that is to give people an added resource. This all comes back to giving people more than they expected and more of what they needed when they clicked on your post in the first place. One great example of this is Improvephotography.com where there is a photo basics post series. We’re not talking about single post. We’re talking about one after another after another giving tons and tons of useful information.

So, if you google “basic aperture” you’re gonna end up on improved photography’s website on a page that teaches you all about that setting on your camera.

basic apertureBut at the bottom, you’ll see a big button that says “Go to Page 4 of the Tutorial” where you’ll be going to learn about “How you can improve your pictures by using creative compositions.”

You are gonna get more and more and more information than you even asked for but it’s more of the information that you’re likely to be looking for.

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And in addition to that, in the end, you’re also gonna get a cheat sheet of camera settings.

Now, most of the sites for this kind of information are gonna want you to go buy a book or at least provide your email address but this page is going to give you all that information and the cheat sheet without ever having to enter any information of your own.

Another example of keeping your viewer stay longer on your site is through inline related posts that I use on my own website. inline related post

By using inline related posts you give your audience another piece of useful information that might interest him.

So, when he finds a particular piece of information, more probably he will take a chance to read that too.

Related post at the end of the article is common. Nobody reads your piece of content to the end. So, make sure to put 3-4 related posts in the middle of the article.

I have found the inline related post very useful in decreasing my bounce rate and hence higher ranking.

Another way to engage your audience is through internal links. Try to sprinkle 4-5 internal links per article. This is a traditional method to decrease the bounce rate and increase the user engagement.

These are the 3 most powerful SEO tips that nobody focuses on.

Google is very smart these days. They see if the following piece of content satisfies their users or not.

It’s the intent of Google to provide the best piece of information on its front page. You can no longer cheat Google by surrounding your post around certain keywords and using that everywhere in your article.

I don’t say keyword research is the useless thing. I still do 15-20 minute to find the right keyword with low competition for my every article.

But more importantly, you need to focus on the quality content.

I hope this article gives you a little bit of feel about how SEO works. Use these three SEO techniques and I assure you that very soon Google will start noticing your piece of content.

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