5 Tips To Start A Successful Internet Business Today!


Do you want to start an internet business but you have work, family and other things that are just taking up all of your time and you feel like you can never quite get to it?

If I had a dime for every time I’ve had a good idea but lacked the time to pursue it I’d have a bunch of dimes lying around my house. So one day I was sitting at the bank of river Ganges and it provided me exactly what I needed to focus on my internet business and get it growing even when I was a regular engineering student and working at the same time.

Before starting an internet business or any business you need to keep the following points in your mind

  1. Find time for an internet business.
  2. Remember Parkinson’s law.
  3. Use your weakness and strength.
  4. Get money as quickly as possible.

Find Time For An Internet Business

Everybody is busy in their own lives and nobody wants to take the risk to start an internet business. The fear is not pointless, it takes approximately two years or more to make some money with an online business. And that money is not sufficient even to carry out your daily expenses. So going full-time at the beginning is not a good idea.

What I suggest is to manage your time smartly!

If you’re in college, show up to class one hour early and have that time free to work on your business. If you have a full-time job show up to work one hour early every day and get to work. Then you also have a lunch break at work, right?

Well, don’t just sit there. Take that time and actually get to work.

So the question is “How do I manage time for my internet business?”

What, I do is I wake up two hours early before my college time. After refreshing, I give a full one hour working on my internet business. Since I do content marketing, thorough research is also important on the topic I write.

But lucky me!

My college is 45 minutes away from my home so I get 90 minutes on the whole trip [up & down] and I utilize that 90 minutes very efficiently. I read other content of the same niche blog in those hours. And when I write content I assemble all those points in my articles and that’s how I manage to write pretty awesome content along with my college study.

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That helped tremendously to have a dedicated set time that I could work with no interruptions whatsoever.

Remember Parkinson’s Law

The second most important thing that I learned while trying to build my business on the side was Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s law says:

“Things will take as long as you have time for them.”

If you have two weeks to meet this deadline it’s probably going to take you two weeks of work to be able to get it done. If you give yourself two days you’re gonna have it done in two days and I learned that in a big way when I was building my business.

Every day I’d be working I’d say “Oh, I can finally go full-time I’ll be able to do this project. When I can finally go full-time I’ll be able to do that and the other”

What I learned over the years of experience is when you are able to give full-time, you might probably get a lot done but the whole lot less than you thought you would.

See, when you’re working, you know if you have one hour a day you’re gonna put your very best efforts to get something done for that one hour. When you have eight hours a day sometimes you just got back from lunch and you’re just kind of slow. Sometimes you’re distracted because you’re thinking about what you’re gonna do on the weekend.

I believe that you will not be as productive working full-time as you are right now that you spend per hour on work and I’m saying this from my experience and you might have witnessed sometimes in your life.

So remember Parkinson’s law. Don’t give yourselves two months to get to pick a niche. Just say “I‘m gonna pick a niche and I’m gonna do it today” then when you will sit down every day you have to decide on the most valuable thing you can do with your time because your time is really limited to spend on this business.

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What I have learned from running my internet business is there is almost never a day that I can spend doing anything on my business that will be more valuable than me just sitting down and creating a piece of content to publish. And believe me, that is the one thing that makes up 90% of the success of your business.

Don’t spend unnecessary time on redesigning your website the way you want. The day that you say “Oh I want to redesign my website“, It may be a very well legitimate thing but it’s probably a distraction from you just going out and publishing content.

Just focus on what your users want. Try to quench their thirst.

Use Your Weakness And Strength

The last thing I want to share with you is to use your weakness as a strength. Every time you have any kind of limitation on your business. Think about how it could possibly be used as a strength.

Well, you don’t have as much time as somebody who’s doing this full time. You don’t have a team of writers to write on your websites like Shon and I do. You don’t have a lot of resources to reinvest in your business and to do those different things and so it’s so easy to get bogged down and say “Uh you can’t because of this or that, I can’t’ do it ” but you do have something that nobody else does have who’s working on their business full-time i.e. “Freedom from the income that the business earns

You have to annoy the crap out of full-time internet marketers out of the people running their businesses full-time in your space. Just annoy the crap out of them and what I mean by that is creating resources for free that they’re charging for.

Take if you have a friend who’s a developer and you say “Hey I’ve got a great idea for an app that would just a killer tool in my industry. There’s another guy who has an app that does basically the same thing and charges for it. I’m gonna make mine free or you people are selling courses in your niche”. Go make a killer high-value course and sell it for free.

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Do things that will annoy the crap out of the people that are doing it full-time and need that income right now. You don’t really need the income from your site. You have another full-time job.

You’ll eventually and by giving away high-value content right away that other people are charging for it’ll get people hooked on what you’re doing and later you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn money from your site.

Get Money As Quickly As Possible From Your Internet Business

Another part of that to remember is getting money as quickly as you can. Don’t cheat yourself, don’t cheat your customers by not putting out quality content and expecting the money but work towards getting that money as quickly as you can. Even it’s a few dollars.

If your business can earn pizza day earn it’s first 5$ any time in the first six months you’re on a really good track of your website. That’s a completely good goal to have five bucks in the first six months because what we see is eventually it’s going to hit that hockey stick growth.

So if you can hit any kind of nerve in the first few months you’re on the right track.

These are some of the powerful tips and inspiration to start an internet business and by keeping the above points I believe that you won’t be misled before achieving your goal.

Sometimes it happens that people quit too early. Don’t do so. Wait for at least two years and try to give your best to your visitors.

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