How To Market Your Blog Effectively – 4 Ways To Boom

how to market your blog effectively

The reason I’m writing “How to market your blog effectively?” are my visitors who are just starting off. They write a content and thinks it’ll boom.

But, that’s not true. When you write a content, it doesn’t appear in the Google within a day or two, neither are you going to receive any visitors.

In most of the cases, many newbies leave blogging just because they don’t see any visitors on their blog even after few months.

The reason is they lack proper marketing strategies.

There are thousands of blogger across the world, millions of article published each minute. So, having your blog get noticed isn’t a cup of tea.

You need to promote your blog continually and reach out to your audience. It’s the general rule of any business. You have to reach the audience and explain your product

In the case of blogging content is your product. It should be long around 2000-4000 words and informative.

There are several methods to market your blog for e.g. you can place advertisements on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

But in this article, we will focus mainly on the free promotion of blog.

There Are Four Popular Methods To Market Your Blog Effectively

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Leverage in Groups

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Main traffic sources to our blogs are obviously from Google. Almost 60-70% of the visitors come from the search engine.

So, optimizing the Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex are utmost important.

Hence, I have placed the SEO at the top of my list. I believe that when you are starting off, spend 2 to 3 months learning SEO.

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The reason why I’m saying this is that you’ll keep writing the article continually but when it’s not SEO optimised, you are never gonna take place on the first page of Google Search results.

We will not go very deep into it, particularly in this article.

Basically, there are two methods of SEO optimization –

  • Off-Page SEO – This method is used to increase the authority of your website by getting backlinks from the qualitative website. Backlinks are considered the most effective way to build trust in the sight of Google. But it’s not always under your control.
  • On-Page SEO – This method is fully under your control by writing an SEO friendly article with proper use of keywords, title tags, URL structure, page load speed, internal links and alt text for images. I have written a detailed article explaining  On-Page SEO [2018]- 10 Actionable Techniques That Works.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is old but yet powerful tool to publicise your blog.

You can find a person even these days who do not use social media, but you won’t find a single person who does not have an Email Address.

If you’re a WordPress user, there are several cool plugins to promote your email content. If you’re a beginner and just starting off, I suggest you go with the MailChimp.

MailChimp has enough feature to support you start up email campaigns.

Well, If you are still using BlogSpot platform, then no worries. You can use FeedBurner Email Subscription. It’s totally free.

When you’ll sign up for the Feedburner, it’ll provide you with few lines of code. All you have to do is to place that code in the sidebar or footer area of your blog.

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So, when your reader likes your certain post they would obviously want to learn more from you and will subscribe to your blog.

As I already mentioned two techniques to market your blog effectively. It’s time to check out the next.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus are very powerful tools to grow your brand online.

It’s the best and most practised techniques by the Webmasters across Globe. I believe that every blogger has their social media profile and receive a huge chunk of visitors from social media itself.

More visitors means more money!…

Our population has grown to be 7.5 billion and every one out of the 4 uses Facebook. Creating a Facebook Fan page is an awesome way to remain connected to your readers and let them get updates from you.

Facebook is used to share long paragraphs. Twitter, on the other hand, is used to share short messages.

Sharing links on the social media such as  Twitter and Google  Plus also helps the Google bot to crawl your URL and help your article rank higher on Google Search Engines.

Here’s a clip of Google Engineer Matt Cutt explaining the importance of Social Media Market in approximately 27 sec.

It’s worth watching!

I’ve written a detailed article on Social Media Marketing Strategies: 9 Actionable Tips To Go Viral On Social Media. It’s around 4000-word article explaining even the minute details of social media. I suggest you go through it if you want to rock on social media.

Leverage In Groupes

Promoting your website/blog in your college/school groups beneficial for the purpose of organic traffic. There is a quite famous phrase in blogging industry i.e. Sharing is caring.

Don’t ignore the power of words of mouth. Your success as a blogger depends on how famous you are in your people.

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Promote yourself as a blogger. Interact with other bloggers, know them and ask them to provide you with a quality backlink if you feel confident that you’ve made a place in his heart.

You can take the support of social media to find like-minded people. Make good comments on their social shares.

By giving sincere feedback you can make a strong bond with them.

You can also create a healthy WhatsApp or Facebook groups to promote your websites.

These are the basic and free marketing techniques that every webmaster focus on and every newbie should understand it.

Thank you for reading!.

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I inspire to create more!…