Grammarly Review 2018: Free Proofreading Tool [Online & Offline]

Grammarly- afree proof reading tool

In this article, I’m gonna write exclusively about Grammarly (voted as best free grammar checker), a free proofreading tool which has all the features to write an error-free document.  This is a software product that you can use if you’re doing any kind of writing.

If you’re building a business online. I don’t think good grammar is the key to getting more traffic but I think it matters.

Here’s the screenshot of my writing before publishing this article

Grammarly review 2018, Free proofreading toolTo be honest, being a non-native speaker I make silly mistakes while writing my blog post such as using the wrong form of tenses, messing up active/passive voices, wrong placement of upper and lower cases etc.

Grammarly not only checks the grammatical error in your writing but also one of the finest plagiarism detection tools i.e. it also checks for the copyrighted content.

And this is crucially important for SEO purposes if you’re a blogger like me or a freelance writer. If you’ve too many copied content on your blog, sooner or later you’re gonna get penalized by Google. So, it’s better to recheck your content before publishing.

Even if you’re not building a business online but work in any corporate capacity, anytime you’re producing a document where a lot of people are gonna see it and you want it to be right and don’t wanna receive those awkward emails pointing to grammatical mistake in your writing, I think Grammarly is a fantastic free proofreading tool.

I’ve been using it for several years now and you can start with the free version that’s just a plugin to chrome or a couple of other browsers and it will algorithmically look over your writing.

So I’m going to tell you what I really like about Grammarly (Free & Pro version) and then I’m gonna tell you the little shortcomings and the workarounds that I’ve come up with and then you can try it out.

It’s free to try out and not that expensive if you decide to buy it. You’ll get a 25% discount on premium version if you purchase with my reference.

Skip everything and claim your discount now!

Why I Prefer Grammarly Over Other Free Proofreading Tool?

So, the first thing I love about Grammarly and probably the thing that’s most important to me is that it’ll catch words that are spelled correctly but that are just the wrong words.

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Suppose you wanted to write “I’m going to the park” but instead of park, you wrote: “I’m going to the pack“.

You know most spell checkers are never gonna find that but somehow Grammarly doesn’t find all of them but it finds a lot of these and honestly I write pretty quickly and having Grammarly in this sense is like having a proofreader looking over your shoulder but it’s way cheaper.

I mean it’s just a little over a hundred bucks a year and I think it’s worth it if you’re doing any kind of writing or writing that you really want to make sure is accurate.

Similarly, on punctuation Grammarly is really good at catching like maybe commas that you should have used. Something like that and it just comes up and says: “hey you know based on sentence structure you need to do this a little bit differently”.

The third one and that I’ve also found really helpful and actually a little bit surprising honestly is that it’ll catch when you’re using the same word a bunch of times in a particular text or in a few sentences in a row.

And actually, I had no idea that I was doing this like maybe you’re talking about buying a premium Grammarly and I used “buy” several times in the same article at different places. What Grammarly will do is it comes in and be like you just use this ton of times, why don’t you try something like purchase instead and I actually found this really really useful.

So those are the three things that really jump out at me as really useful. It’s just catching the wrong word. It’s helping you on punctuation and it’s letting you know when you’re overusing certain words or another one

It’ll be more clear with the official video of Grammarly:

Okay. So this is all the greener side of Grammarly, you must be thinking what is it that I don’t like?

Few Thing You Need To Know Before Moving To Premium

The thing that I don’t like about Grammarly is if you use the plug-in when you buy the premium version. You can plug it into Outlook, MS Word, and elsewhere and I find that it slows down the applications especially when you’re booting them up, like with word it’ll double the time roughly. That was my impression of booting up the Word and I just don’t like that and I’m very honest about it.

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But I found a really good workaround for this and what it is is I just don’t use the plugin for Word or Outlook. I just have the extension in chrome and I write my document wherever I’m going to write it whether it be word, text file, google docs whatever.

When I am ready to proofread I go into chrome and enable the extension then I log in to my WordPress dashboard, since I use WordPress as my blogging platform and I am very happy with it.

Note: One thing I’d like to take into notice here is when I say I like WordPress this doesn’t mean I hate Blogger. I’ve written a detailed guide highlighting the difference between the two. Check it out here: Blogger Or WordPress: Which Is Better? [09 Unbiased Comparison]

Free proofreading toolTechnically in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see a little green circle for Grammarly. you click on that once then go click new post button and paste your document there. And Grammarly will automatically start highlighting the grammatical as well as spelling errors in your document and you just quickly go through and take a look at their suggested edits.

Boom! you’re done.

Copy paste, move back out, disable the extension so that it’s not sewing anything down and you’re off to the races. I actually don’t find that too problematic but it is something I wanted to mention that it cancels things down if you’re really using the plugins too much.

Personally,  I don’t disable my Grammarly extension, coz I like when it points out my errors while I’m updating certain posts on my social media also. Grammarly works fine with all the social media and it protects you from getting embarrassing comments on your grammar.

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The next thing and this is super important while using Grammarly as a proofreader is that:

Does Grammarly Make Wrong Suggestions?

The answer is YES.

Grammarly will sometimes make the wrong suggestions and especially if you are not a native speaker but for anybody. What I would say is if you’re using Grammarly as a proofreading tool you really want to use your sense and go with your gut.

So even if you know it makes a suggestion if it just doesn’t feel right don’t use it. I use Grammarly suggestions that are obviously right and I’ll then implement them. So don’t mindlessly use Grammarly. If you do you’re going to get into big problems and you’re going to make sure things work so you really have to use it as a supplement.

And I guess, if you’re writing a document in English then I believe that you might not be such a dumb.

Similarly, It’s a punctuation suggestion. I think when it comes to common rules and things like that while I do use it and sometimes I ignore it. I mean we often write especially online more informally and we maybe want it to flow better or more quickly or more conversationally and therefore you may want to in some cases just completely ignore that advice.


I’m not a huge deal but I mentioned everything honestly about Grammarly as a free proofreading tool and also the premium. So now it’s up to you whether you wanna purchase premium or use the free Chrome extension. Both are fantastic!

One thing I do want to say that I do not buy any software quickly. There’s only a handful of pieces of software that I purchased on yearly basis.

I’m using Grammarly as my proofreading tool from quite a few years and I can’t afford a human proofreader so I use it and I do recommend it. I think you’ll find it super handy even just the free version is really useful although personally identifying the premium worth the money.

Hope this might help you. Share it and help me grow in this huge crowd of the tech world 🙂

The competition is too high and I can’t stand alone without your support.


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